5 Ultra-Cheap Value ETFs to Beat the Choppy Market

The Deep Value ETF Accumulator invests in the Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF (VBR : $VBR) which is mentioned in this Yahoo Finance article. Ask me why I invest in VBR in the comment block below.

To read the full article at Yahoo Finance click this link: 5 Ultra-Cheap Value ETFs to Beat the Choppy Market 

2 Replies to “5 Ultra-Cheap Value ETFs to Beat the Choppy Market”

    1. Hi Chris.
      Thanks for an opportunity to explain why I like VBR.
      I explained it in detail in this post:
      The bottom line is, that VBR really is the best small cap value ETF that is 10 years old or older.
      It has very high volume, very low expense ratio, and it simply outperforms all others except JKL & SLYV.
      JKL & SLYV have a few issues that I don’t like; and they don’t outperform enough to accept those flaws.
      IJS is a very close 2nd to VBR, so if you choose IJS or VBR it probably won’t make much of difference.
      Thanks again for the comment Chris.
      Write again anytime.

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