2 Replies to “Accumulated More Energy Equities Today XLE : $XLE”

  1. Hi there – Just curious that how many units do you typically transact when you make these buy or sell transactions? Do you go by certain $threshold value or number of units or some rebalancing strategy? Cheers.

    1. Hi Rob. I typically buy an equivalent of 1% of my portfolio when I buy. I sell only the portion of a position that is profit. I only sell if I have a minimum $1k profit. For example, if an ETF I own cost me $5k and it increased in value to $6k, I would only sell $1k worth of that ETF (trim the fat). I would then let that cash sit until I have 1% of my portfolio in cash. I would then take that 1% and by a position in an ETF that is out of favor. This selling action is a rebalance of sorts, but I make no attempt to keep my portfolio balanced. I have no position in some of these ETFs yet and very large positions in others. I buy when they are near the top of my list, and I “trim some fat” when they are at the bottom of the list. Thank you Rob for taking time to ask. Micah

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