Trimmed Some More Fat Off Our Energy Equities (PXI) 12-29-17

We are continuing to trim fat from our Energy Equities. We remain invested in the PowerShares DWA Energy Momentum Portfolio (PXI : $PXI.) Price paid $36.15. Price sold $40.00.

For those who are new to the Deep Value ETF Accumulator website, you may be wondering why we are selling shares of PXI instead of XLE, which is listed on the daily list. Well, the reason behind that is, I could not decide between XLE & PXI when I was accumulating shares, so we accumulated both. For now, we are going to continue holding both, but eventually we will divest from one or the other, but not both.

You can read about why we are invested in PXI and XLE right here: Discovering Value in the Top 3 Energy ETFs

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