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  1. Hello! I really appreciate your site. I am new to investing though and just want to make sure I understand what your colors/correction/dip/pause/hold codes mean. EWW in particular, does the correction mean that you are accumulating this stock?

    1. Hi Lori. That’s a great question. Currently I already I have a lot invested in EWW and my cost basis is much lower than current prices. I do still recommend investing in EWW, but we’re currently accumulating REZ because we have less invested in it and we can buy shares lower than our current cost basis. We accumulated some RYU last week, we bought some REZ this week, and REZ is falling faster than RYU, so we’ll probably buy more REZ next Monday. I buy on Mondays only because it gives me the weekend to think it over. Here’s more info on the mode: https://deepvalueetfaccumulator.com/blog/defining-stock-market-modes-depression-crash-bear-correction-dip-pause-hold/
      Thank you for the question.

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