“This Too Shall Pass”… When Should You Invest?

When is it a good time to invest? This is a question that almost all investors face at some point. The fortunate investor will quickly realize that the best time to invest was a long time ago, and the second best time to invest is today. So, they mindfully begin planting the seeds today believing they will reap the growth of those seeds many years into the future.

Mesmerising chart inserted here. Please ponder the question, “When should I invest?”

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Did TD Ameritrade Shoot Its’ Own Foot?

Recently, TD Ameritrade has nearly tripled the number of ETFs that it will allow customers to trade commission-free. On the surface this sounds great. But, in the process of attempting to expand their customer base they have neglected to consider the needs and desires of many of their existing customers. I have not yet formed a strong opinion on TD Ameritrade’s decision but I have gathered numerous articles about this move and the tone ranges from praise to utter disgust. Here are the articles currently available:

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Best Long-Term Performance U.S. Small Cap Growth ETFs

Are you an aggressive growth investor? If so, you may want to consider investing in a U.S. Small Cap Growth ETF. Small cap growth equities are generally considered one of the most aggressive equity asset classes available. But, with over 1900 ETFs available, how do you find one with a great long-term track record. Fortunately, there are only 9 US Small Cap Growth ETFs listed at etfdb.com and only 7 of them are 10 years old or older.  Long-term performance is the #1 thing I look at when selecting an asset to invest in. Here is the list of ETFs I’ll be comparing:

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H1 – 2017 Performance Report – The Deep Value ETF Accumulator

I have had more than a few people ask me what is the performance of The Deep Value ETF Accumulator. I haven’t had a good answer because I don’t track it and it isn’t necessarily my primary goal. My primary goal is to build a very large portfolio of ETFs from all the great performing sectors of the market that I can find. Secondary to that is performance; which I do strive for by buying these ETFs at the best prices I can get.

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And the Best U.S. Large-Cap-Value ETF Award goes to…

There is sufficient information in the financial and academic communities that Large Cap Value funds tend to outperform Large Cap Blend funds over long periods of time. I could cite many reports, news articles and academic papers to show support for this claim. But, I’d rather just jump right into the data that is readily available to all of us with a few online tools. My favorite tool for this job is:  PortfolioVisualizer.com

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Is the Brazil ETF Worth the Risk? EWZ $EWZ

By now, most of you know that the country of Brazil has fallen on hard times and is plagued by political turmoil. Enough said about that. The iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF – EWZ :  $EWZ has been around for 17 years. During those 17 years the country has been plagued with hard times and political turmoil. Not much has changed. One picture says a thousand words to the Deep Value ETF Accumulator.

EWZ is worth the risk to me. Sorry, no deep dive analysis here. This is my analysis, short and sweet.

I do not currently have a position in EWZ, but I do intend to initiate a long-term position in this ETF in the future.

Thanks for reading.

The Deep Value ETF Accumulator, aka Micah McDonald

Best Long-Term Performance U.S. Small Cap Value ETFs

If you have been considering adding a U.S. Small Cap Value ETF to your portfolio, you have a lot to choose from. There are at least 17 ETFs to pick from in this category. In this article, I will show you how I came up with what I believe is the best ETF in this category for a well-balanced portfolio.

Before I go through that analysis, let’s first look at the long-term performance of the U.S. Small Cap Value asset class. This asset class has long been touted as a volatile yet lucrative place to build wealth over long periods of time. According to portfoliovisualizer.com, this asset class has returned 14.39% since 1972 vs the U.S. Large Cap Blend asset class which has returned 10.17%. Both are respectable returns but look at the effects of compounding on this chart below.

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